Why Do You Want to Travel?

What is driving you to see the world, find new experiences, and leave your home? Everybody has a reason, whether that’s to break the routine and change up the environment, to put checks on a bucket list, or to go to the dream country. Many people, however, travel to brag about it. 

Have you ever seen someone go on a trip, post lots of great pictures on Instagram, then every time you see them they talk about the trip they had? Some people may have just had a wonderful trip, don’t realize the extent of their excitement, and just want to share their stories with everyone they know. This is fine, though annoying. The dangerous waters are when people go on trips for the purpose of being able to brag about them. We all know that person who, whenever you talk about a great restaurant or something along those lines, says how the bakery in France he ate at 10 years ago was so much better, or that the sushi in Japan blows your favorite sushi restaurant out of the water. While this could also be an excited person wanting to share a story, they could have deeper motivations of travel for bragging instead of experiencing.

It’s hard, maybe impossible to tell why someone travels from the outside and based on what they say, so I hope that you all look inside to find the underlying reason you want to get away. If you simply want bragging rights, deep down, but still enjoy the experience of travel, maybe those bragging rights aren’t as important as you think. My point is, try to travel for the experience itself, not for bragging rights. While it can be fun to brag about it every so often, making that your purpose takes you away from the travel itself and can get you thinking, What can I do here that will give me something to brag about?, instead of making the best of each moment you’re abroad.

I hope this got you thinking!

Best of luck,



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